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Since an important aspect of foundation maintenance is proper drainage, HARGRAVE also offers several types of drainage correction, including French drains, swales, atrium drains, and channel drains.


The solution to a drainage issue can be as simple as installing a few area drains. But often, the proper solution to the problem is the installation of a French drain or a combination of French drains around the perimeter of the property.

Whatever problem may arise, our staff is fully qualified to get the job done with a quality product that is professionally and expertly installed.



Originally, a French drain was simply a trench filled with round river rock. The idea being that this trench would give nearby surface water a place to sit while it slowly dissipated into the soil below. These drains were described and made popular by a Massachusetts lawyer, Henry French (1813-1885), in his book "Farm Drainage". French's drains were made with sections of ordinary roofing tile laid with a gap between the sections to admit water.


Today, we use the term "French drain" to mean more than a simple trench filled with rocks or tiles. Modern French drain systems use the addition of a perforated drain pipe in the French drain. Hargrave uses a 4 or 6 inch perforated ADS drain pipe wrapped with geotextile filter cloth to keep it free of silt and debris. The trench is lined with geotextile filter cloth and filled with washed gravel. The drain pipe is sometimes connected to sump pit where water is pumped through a non-perforated discharge pipe to a viable outlet, i.e., the curb, alley, etc. A continuous gravel strip is typically left exposed along the surface of the French drain. This is both decorative as well as functional. Surface water goes straight through the rock, down to the pipe below, and is carried away to the water outlet.

Patio is saw-cut for installation of a French drain at the front right perimeter of the foundation and discharge pipe down the side of the house.

Pebble topping placed over non-perforated discharge pipe to match existing patio

A French drain with exposed gravel

Trench is lined with geotextile filter cloth.

4-inch perforated ADS pipe

wrapped with geotextile filter cloth

Completly covered discharge pipe at patio